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Remember a Gift for ShareLife This Christmas

Posted : Dec-23-2021

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As we enter a new stage of the pandemic, we may feel tempted to despair. But Advent is a season of hope – a hope that invites the Lord to transform our hearts and, through us, our communities. We can't afford to succumb to apathy or fatigue, when so many are counting on us to support them in their time of need.

And your past support of ShareLife is making a difference! Your generosity has helped thousands of those in need to survive the various crises of this pandemic, such as, mental illness, homelessness, addiction and isolation.

If you haven't yet given to ShareLife this year, you still have an opportunity to multiply hope in your community. From now through December 31, a special donor has committed to matching your gift to ShareLife up to $250,000.

What does this look like, in practical terms?

  • Your gift of $25 will double to $50, which will allow Our Place Community of Hope to provide a meal to 15 hungry people living with mental illness.

  • Your gift of $50 will double to $100, supporting a young person in Covenant House’s Youth in Transition program during the Advent season.

  • Your gift of $100 will double to $200, allowing four young moms to receive emergency hampers of diapers, wipes, clothing, formula and food.

  • Your gift of $500 will double to $1,000, enabling three seniors to receive a full year of exercise and grocery shopping support.

Yes, you can ensure our vulnerable brothers and sisters are safe and cared for during this crisis. But they can’t wait. So please consider clicking here to donate, so we can support the lifesaving work of ShareLife-funded agencies. They serve people of all backgrounds, never turning anyone away due to financial need.

As you consider your blessings, please make an act of hope today by supporting those in need. We can get through this new stage of the pandemic, if we do it together.